Receive Care

Our loving, caring, compassionate caregivers are here to help you or a loved one.

Help for You

Asking for help can be difficult at any age. But you can change your life for the better by reaching out to Seniors Helping Seniors. By selecting a care provider who you feel comfortable with, you'll stay in control throughout the entire process. Our mature Homemaker/Companions relate to life experiences of those they help. They are empathetic and good listeners. They can help you at home with everyday tasks such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and cleanup, transportation, shopping and local errands, pet care, medication reminders. They want to help you get out and enjoy life as well as keep you company on those days when you’d rather relax at home.

If you require more assistance, our Certified Home Health Aides (CHHA's) are licensed and trained to safely assist you with bathing, getting in and out of a chair or bed, dressing, getting to and from the bathroom and other personal care needs.

To get started, simply call our office at 973-435-4873 or 800-481-2488. You’ll speak to a friendly representative that will gather information about your needs and provide you with information regarding the many different services we offer. We will also answer any questions you may have, including referrals to resources in the community.

If you feel our services will be of help to you, we will schedule a free introductory visit and assessment with a Seniors Helping Seniors Certified Senior Advisor or Nursing Supervisor. There is no cost or obligation to you. We will learn more about you or your loved one, customize a personal care plan and select a friendly and skilled caregiver we feel is the best match for your needs, interests and personality. Once service begins, we will continually reach out to you and stay in touch over the phone and make personal visits. If you need to change your schedule at any time, just let us know and we will take care of it.

Help for a Loved One

There are many age-related challenges that can make it difficult for seniors to stay healthy and active, live safely at home and continue to participate in the activities that they enjoy. You want your loved one to have the best possible quality of life as they age, but they may be resistant to accepting outside help. This resistance is to be expected as seniors typically don’t like changes in their routine. They also worry about becoming a burden to others and may fear losing their privacy or independence.

Accepting help is easier when the companion or caregiver is a peer who can relate on a personal level, someone who understands the desire to remain independent. We can offer strategies to help counter resistance when suggesting outside help. It is important to first understand what your loved one needs and wants as well as what they fear. Describe the benefits and discuss how assistance can prolong independence and allow them to remain in their own home. We can help your loved one enjoy life - especially if physical or memory challenges have limited their activities. A trial run is a great strategy that allows seniors to test the waters. Our affordable hourly rates and no minimums make it easy to try out our services with no long-term obligation.

In more complex situations where safety issues are a concern, enlisting professional help from a physician, clergy member or other trusted friend can promote acceptance that help is needed. Worsening memory impairments, changes in mobility, mood and behavior, or erratic sleeping patterns are signs that your loved one may need help. Additionally, changes in diet, physical appearance, household maintenance and driving habits are clear signals that should not be ignored. We know how hard it is to take that first step – Give us a call… we are here to help.