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What Is SEO And How do We Use it ?

Seo is short for Search Engine optimization. Essentially Search engine optimization is implementing a variety of variables that have been optimized to best provide a clear understanding of what your page is about to search engines like Google. Google (as an engine) sifts through thousands of sites every time a search is initiated. Google looks for things like, page contents, sufficient information on a specified topic as well as reliability and trustworthiness. Google will place sites based on their ranking in factors and position them on their results highest to lowest. The question then is, what can we do to improve our organic search results and dive more traffic to our sites overall.

Tactics For Optimizing Your Website



Site content


How To Use Keyphrases

A Key phrase is a short 2-5 word description that tells goog what your page is about. These should reflect what potential visitors will type into the search engine when looking for information. These should be used on each page of your website. examples of key phrases would be, “houses for sale in Gilbert”, “dog trainers in Chandler”, “Contemporary interior designers in Arizona”. These key phrases must reflect your page topics. When google searches your site it checks to see if your key phrases are used in your page text. This tells the search engines that the keyphrases used will provide the information the searcher is looking for.
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How To Use Blogs

Blogs are an effective way of doing a few things. Creating consistent blogs provide a continuous fresh content for google to provide users. Increasing the information your site covers, increases the chance that your site contains the information a searcher is looking for. Think of it as having a bigger net than you had before. Each blog can be equipped with different keyphrases that google will look for. It is best to cover questions that potential customers or visitors might have. This is because the majority of searches done are questions. People are looking for answers.

Optimized Site Content

Site Content refers to the text and images visible on your site to users. All blogs and pages should contain at least 300 words of text that inform visitors about who you are and what you provide or talk about. Images can also be used by attaching your keywords to them as alt text. Because google doesn’t have eyes, it cant see your images. Attaching relevant keyphrases to your images tell google words what exists on your site. All that being said, Google is quickly becoming very similar to a viewer. This means your copy should be organized, clear and easy to read. The more difficult your text is to read, the more at risk you are of being overlooked by google.

Optimized Sitemaps

What is a sitemap and what are they good for? Let’s start with the latter. Submitting a sitemap to google is very important as it associates all of your pages together and allows google bots to crawl your pages for content easily. There are two kinds of sitemaps, XML and HTML. HTML are not as useful for search engines as they only rank hierarchy. We submit XML sitemaps which tell google what pages, posts and sometimes images. A sitemap is a map which google can read to better understand your site and serve it up to people looking for the topics you discuss.

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Kindness Decision Jam in Gilbert Christian High School

What are Kindness Decision Jams? The students of Gilbert Christian High School are participating in this pilot revolutionary program that turns ideas for acts of kindness into actions!

Darleen Santore or “Coach Dar,” USA Ambassador of Global Pay It Forward Day, was looking for ways to bring the concept of kindness into schools, where bullying, depression, and loneliness are all too commonly experienced.

Our very own Jesse Flocken and Dan Griffin presented and adapted the inspired concept of Kindness Decision Jams, based off a concept used in high-level business decision-making, helping empower students to make a positive difference in their local daily life!

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