Fraud, Business Ethics and Compliance Notice

Seniors Helping Seniors is committed to complying with laws and regulations governing our business practices and direct service delivery and to the highest level of integrity, ethical standards in our dealings with the people and communities served by the company.

Therefore, it is the policy of Seniors Helping Seniors to deliver service and conduct its business in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and ethical standards and have established mechanisms to prevent and detect fraud, ensure conformity with laws, regulations, program requirements and guidelines, and ethical business practices by all of its employees.

Should you at any time observe an employee of the company doing anything illegal, fraudulent or be asked by an employee to do something you believe to be fraudulent, contrary to the law or program regulations or guidelines or unethical, please call the office at 973-435-4873 and ask to speak with the Administrator or Compliance Officer.

Seniors Helping Seniors adheres to the principles of truth in advertising, and all information accurately reflects the organizations scope of services provided, licenses, price claims or testimonials